This is the playground for my writing

The Lesson

Samantha is a needle in the haystack of a German town called Freiburg. Being a "needle" in her case means struggling with going with the flow and therefore being invisible. Is the current peer pressure going to be stronger than her?

E-book for 30 minutes

The First and the Last Supper

A daughter is finding truth about the death of her father 23 years ago. (An adaptation on the basis of Roald Dahl's story Lamb to the Slaughter.)

Script for a 22 min shortfilm


My first short film about inner voices and things you can't escape from.

4 min watch

Overcoming the Tough Times

Refreshing our memory can help in building a peaceful future.

7,5 min read


[Kapitola 4.] Protože zvědavost je mocná čarodějka.

Čtení na 6 minut


[Kapitola 3.] Protože léto v Praze má dlouhý nohy.

Čtení na 5 minut