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Why Will I Study Semiotics?

My grand confession why I'm interested in everything that is open for discussion.

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[Kapitola 2.] Protože na vzhledu nezáleží, ale na pohledu jo.

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[Kapitola 1.] Protože v krtkovi to fouká a v buse se vám lepí zadek.

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Black'n white is the new simple

Why in the world did it take me 3 years to get my site to your sight? Find out how I gave birth. To my 3rd online portfolio.

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Copywriter vs. Art Director

While many focus on the buzzword 'content', only a few think about the 'form'. I guess I'm one of those few.

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How to set ads free?

Does advertising have anything in common with freedom? This question crossed my mind at the last Creative Morning in Prague (30. 5. 2014).

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