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Overcoming the Tough Times

Refreshing our memory can help in building a peaceful future.

7,5 min read

How to set ads free?

Does advertising have anything in common with freedom? This question crossed my mind at the last Creative Morning in Prague (30. 5. 2014).

3 min read

Are you being watched?

This is what I gathered from the New Media Inspiration 2014 conference held in Prague on 8. 2. 2014.

3,5 min read

The Fascinated Kid

The question was: “What did you want to become as a child?” I wrote “the one who makes flakes”. If I was asked again, I’d write: “The Fascinated Kid”.

6 min read

The Dungeons of Company Culture

What makes corporations tick? When considering changes in company culture, it all comes down to the individual. Here's why.

5 min read

With a Suitcase to the Library

Read about the place where I learned to mind the gap, always look right and keep left.

5,5 min read