This is the playground for my writing

Why Will I Study Semiotics?

My grand confession why I'm interested in everything that is open for discussion.

4 min read

Black'n white is the new simple

Why in the world did it take me 3 years to get my site to your sight? Find out how I gave birth. To my 3rd online portfolio.

3 min read

Copywriter vs. Art Director

While many focus on the buzzword 'content', only a few think about the 'form'. I guess I'm one of those few.

3,5 min read

My Copywriter's Manifesto

"Why do you want to be a copywriter?" “Well,... I like telling stories and I think I’m good at it.” - “Yeah right, try better next time.” And so I did.

3,5 min read

The Need of the New

Creativity is today often misunderstood and inspiration tends to be limited. How to avoid that?

3,5 min read

The Marketing Menu

How to start a conversation? What is offered when we hear about food? Can words satisfy hunger?

3,5 min read