2016/2/12E-book for 30 minutes

Samantha is a needle in the haystack of a German town called Freiburg. Being a "needle" in her case means struggling with going with the flow and therefore being invisible. Is the current peer pressure going to be stronger than her?

The bus was yellow. The Man seemed surprised by her presence.

He said: “Damn girl, you've actually made it!”

She felt like jumping in and swimming in the blackness of his eyes. Just for a bit. He craved for her red lips to open. Perhaps a sound would emerge.

She just nodded her little chin and smiled. “The tickets?” A little dimple next to her mouth appeared.

He was doing his best not to stare at her too much, looked down and handed her a piece of paper. “Don't worry about it.” 

She grabbed one ticket and one seat at the window. She seemed calm. The yellow object set out on its journey carrying red lips, black eyes and a whole lot of baggage and people. The countryside outside shifted and the road lines became just a blur. If there was a question in her head, it wasn't about where the bus was going. She wondered if it all really lead to this? Was it just another spot on the timeline of her life or was this the breaking point?  And what was to be broken? How did she got there?


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