Words that simplify design workflow

Since the beginning of our cooperation with Avocode in the summer 2015 I've been stoked to work with these fellas. These guys probably don't need much introduction between UI designers. It was them who came up the CSS Hat Photoshop plugin. It was also them who have built many useful plugins Made by Source. For more than a year now, they have been building Avocode: a single cloud based app that invites all the necessary talent when it comes to creating kickass apps or websites. For instance it enables the developer view and slice up any PSD/Sketch design and take any asset with a few clicks and. I'm writing all of Avocode's English/Czech copy (for their videos, websites, newsletters – I'm simply helping with their overall content strategy and communication).

  • Client: Avocode
  • Industry: UI Design Software
  • Created: 2015/2016
  • Copywriting: Matouš Roskovec
  • Design: Avocode
  • Code: Avocode

"Matouš is a very talented and creative young copywriter with a huge knowledge of marketing and design. I've worked with Matouš on several projects for Avocode and it was a great experience. Matouš has helped me with most of the content for our landing pages, marketing pages, newsletters and social media posts. During this process, Matouš has came up with many great ideas and he also helped me shape the marketing strategy at Avocode. I hope to work with more people like him."

- Vu Hoang Anh (Head of Marketing & Co-founder @ Avocode)