A way to kickstart your career

During my time at the brand agency Hrivnák I met a talented graphic designer Štěpán Klíma. Once he was supposed to design a citylight for a student job market CareerDays. Together we came up with a concept of three steps unveiling campaign. Štěpán used a visual metaphor of shoes to point out the transformation from a student to an employee. I wrote the copy in both Czech and English. Eventually, the client didn't use our work, but this project is still very important to me. For the first time I put the 'straight headline, twisted visual' principle into practice.

  • Client: CareerDays
  • Industry: Education
  • Created: 2013
  • Agency: Hrivnák
  • Art Direction: Štěpán Klíma
  • Copywriting: Matouš Roskovec