My words are entering new heights

GE Aviation entered Czech market in 2008 and since then it has been developing and building state-of-the-art turboprop engines. In January 2016, the leadership of GE signed a memorandum with the Czech government, to officially announce the new Turboprop Center of Excellence which will grow up in our country in the upcoming years.

I've been writing for GE since August 2016. Currently, I'm helping out with local content and marketing strategy. I wrote Czech and English copy for the new website, which was launched in February 2016. I also took part in creating the structure of the website, which gathers all articles concerning GE Aviation Czech. My articles appear not just on the Czech website, but also on American GE servers.

  • Client: GE Aviation Czech
  • Industry: Aviation (turboprop engines)
  • Created: 2015/2016
  • Copywriting: Matouš Roskovec
  • Design: PragueBest
  • Code: PragueBest

"Matouš did a great work on website! He helped us to develop the concept of the brand new site. He copy-wrote all the website in English and Czech language. Catchy headlines and easy to read body copy. Also, he was very helpful with web content preps. I am glad to have Matouš on the external team! 

Matouš copy-writes great communications promoting GE Aviation aircraft turboprop engines locally and globally."

- Hana Bolinová (Communication Specialist at GE Aviation Turboprops)