Something complex. Yet very simple

The task was clear. Explain something pretty complicated in a plain and simple way normal people would immediately understand. Thanks to a great deal of patience from the gentlemen of Logio, I tried to investigate how production lines are designed and calculated before first brick is laid on the ground. How to quickly bring fresh food to stores? How store goods so things no one needs yet wouldn't waste room? Eventually, I was able to create copy for a new website, that depicts solutions of these questions. I underlined the new copy with a new tagline.

  • Client: Logio
  • Field: Logistics
  • Created: 2013
  • Agency: Hrivnák
  • Design: Dima Strapchev
  • Copywriting: Matouš Rosoovec

"When I first saw the combination of hard-working attitude, intelligence, amazing level of determination and willingness to master his copywriting tools of trade in action it left me wondering how much more can be achieved in just few more years. I can highly recommend working with Matous, the best is yet to come.”

 - Vít Miština (CEO @ Hrivnák)