Would you let your car shine?

When you believe that people should be truly environmentally friendly, what can you do about it? For example you could go to Norway and try to change how cars are washed. And that's exactly what the people of O'Shinee did. They started in one district of Oslo, where they clean cars on demand.

My task was to write English copy for their website and promotional materials which was then also translated into Norwegian. I also came up with a new tagline and named their three service types.

  • Client: O'Shinee
  • Industry: Car Washing Detergents
  • Created: 2013
  • Agency: Hrivnák
  • Art Direction: Dima Strapchev
  • Illustration: Jan Trakal
  • Copywriting: Matouš Roskovec

“I was very delighted when working with Matouš. He regularly exceeded my expectations about the quality, readability and ease of the copy. He always met the deadlines which frankly you don 't see that often these days. If you stumble upon his services, don't hesitate and ask him for cooperation. You won't regret it.”

 - Jarmila Kowolovská (Owner of O'Shinee)